best of the month

best of the month and Generalchris on 02 Oct 2007 01:22 pm

As always, here are some leftovers from September that we thought you’d find tasty…  Enjoy!

- under siege…

- Podcamp Philly –New friends and New ideas

- a smorgasboard of thoughts…

- “let me call you back – i’m walking into Metro.”

best of the month and General and Google and Policy and Politics and Social NetworkingAshley on 05 Sep 2007 01:39 pm

We went lite in August here at the diner, but here are some of our sticky posts from the month for your dining pleasure:

- a true assault on reason…

- Rocking the net neutrality debate

- Chris Guestblogs on the Buzz Bin

- bring on the Gphone

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best of the month and Generalchris on 06 Aug 2007 04:02 pm

Jeff Pulver recently discussed highlighting some “sticky” blog posts for the month.  Accordingly, here are some good leftovers from July:

- the Apple effect

- mobile dining with Chris Brogan

- a national regulatory framework will unleash wireless

the biggest loser in 700 MHz – rural wireless carriers 

- Community Developer – a critical need of 21st century business

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