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We have discussed how the winners in the wireless revolution will be the ones that collaborate. In this new world of communications, it is a must. Rapid advances in technology and a hyper-competitive environment no longer allow companies to have monopolies on innovation.

In the consulting world, same story. An organization can no longer hold all the intellectual property under one roof.

At Tin Can Communications ™, we are co-creating with one of the best interactive companies in the market – Blue State Digital. On that note, we were delighted to see them highlighted in a recent article – Obama’s Secret Digital Weapon – in Business Week. BSD are leaders in digital communications and we add some firepower for one of their clients in the telecommunications space.

Prahalad and Krishnan (Professors at the University of Michigan’s B-school) are credited for coming up with the term co-creation in academia. For many folks, this might be a novel concept and you should pick up their latest book. However, for others, keep co-creating and increasing your contributions to consumers.

General and Mobile TV and Politics and Press and VON 2007Ashley on 25 Mar 2007 03:33 pm

Steve Garfield, videoblogger at and Boston correspondent for Rocketboom, gave an inspring presentation on “A New Look at Content.”  (Aside from the presentation itself, Steve was nice enough to take some time with Chris and I to give us some interviewing and video blogging tips for the diner, which were very much appreciated.) 

Steve has become a leader in videoblogging, and I highly suggest that anyone interested in starting a video blog check out his tips

For Steve, cell phones have become an integral way of capturing, producing, and sharing content immediately.  He currently uses the Nokia N93 and is testing the Nokia N95.  As you will see in the presentation, Steve shot and edited a clip in 15 minutes on a train with the Nokia N95, and then later uploaded it via wifi.  Here is a picture of Steve filming with his N93 during the presentation:

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The mobile diner was featured in a Roll Call article this morning.  Kate Ackley, who writes for the K Street Files column, had heard about it and wanted to know what would inspire a lobbyist to blog.

Kate also mentions in the article that I will be covering the Video on the Net conference in San Jose this week.  Chris and I are leaving in a few hours for that and for the concurrent VON conference.  We’re both looking forward to hear the impressive line-up of speakers they have set up.  I’ll be reporting back what they have to say about the future of video on the net, so check back throughout the week!