09CTIA and Generalchris on 01 Apr 2009 02:26 pm

We are out at CTIA in Las Vegas and much of the buzz before the first keynote session was focused on what RIM Co-CEO  Mike Lazaridis’ keynote would highlight this morning.  Obviously, most folks knew that BlackBerry App World was launching but not necessarily where he would lead the conversation.  Once again, for me, it was that BlackBerry is your media outlet and your platform to participate.

Mr. Lazaridis started the conversation by reminding us that it was the 10 year anniversary of BlackBerry in coming to America.  Since its debut a decade ago, RIM has come along way attaining the status of #1 smartphone in the States (in terms of market penetration).  If the presentation was any indication, they have no intent of losing that position and their popularity with consumers.

U2 360 TOUR

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09CTIA and Facebook and social mediachris on 30 Mar 2009 07:33 am

I’ve had a bunch of folks ask me about the diner and where we’ve been cookin’ the last few weeks…

A smorgasbord of answers to that question:

(1)  Mobile Future Coalition

As some of you know, the Mobile Future Coalition launched last year to raise awareness about all of the innovations occurring in the wireless industry (much of it in the mobile-social space) and to advocate for a regulatory environment that does not look like the legacy wireline one.  In any case, we are doing more blogging and engaging consumers in other forums too (follow mobilefuture on twitter).  After a year of planting seeds, we intend to be more proactive in a number of conferences and in Washington.

(2)  Tin Can Communications®

More companies (post-election) are now interested in blending and augmenting their traditional communications with new media (especially in the tech community).  There has also been an increasing interest in integrating a mobile component to their communication efforts.  Putting our clients first is our first priority – so the food may get stale on occasion (my apologies in advance).

(3)  Folks want snacks not meals these days

One of the reasons for Twitter’s growth is “snack size” content.  Folks do not have time to read or write a bunch of long blog posts (nor do they want to).  How many times have you actually had the time to read all the articles in your RSS reader?  Or when was the last time you checked your RSS reader?

Not only do people want their content in small portions, but they want it from trusted sources – people they know.  That’s why people are flocking to Twitter and Facebook to find out what their friends are watching, reading, and doing.

On that note, much of the posts on twitter are now links to other content.  Accordingly, as a part of the Amplify team, we are creating a solution called “Clogging” that makes it easier for friends, colleagues, consumers, and students to share and discuss what they are reading on the web.  In this information revolution, I can’t think of a more socially productive tool for an organization.  Thus, I’ve been spending more time clogging not blogging (I promise to have more on this in a future post)…

I think I just killed it for everyone with this long post!