The New York Times Reports that YouTube has announced an exclusive deal – for a limited time – with Verizon Wireless.  Overall, I think this is a great announcement.  However, there are some details that could be improved.

The Good – I think YouTube could ignite excitement in Mobile TV.  Analogous to AT&T Wireless’ sponsorship of American Idol and it helping to spur text messaging services, I believe this gets people interested in something they are not yet demanding.

The Bad -  I don’t like the $15 bucks-a-month subscription to VCast, the exclusive deal with Verizon and limited selection of videos.  As a frequent user of YouTube, I would not pay the $15 extra dollars to see videos that were pre-selected.  I may not even have access to “my favorites.”

The better barometer are folks in the diner.  Would you sign up for this service?

Any ideas for Verizon Wireless on how to offer this product?  What’s the recipe for success?