VON Entrance   I just returned to the District of Communications after another insightful VON conference.  As always, great to see many friends attending the Video on the Net portion too. 

Instead of a full meal – here’s some hors d’oeuvres to chew on:

Mobile Envy – VON has always had panels on wireless (3G, WiFi & WiMax) but there seemed to be more attention than usual to folks / issues in wireless.  For instance, Tuesday morning’s keynotes were by Nokia and Sprint.  Amol Sarva also headlined a discussion about the upcoming 700 MHz auction and how his new coalition was backing Frontline wireless.

States have appetite for VON Coalition too - I had the opportunity to listen to what is occuring on the regulatory landscape for the VON Coalition.  It was very troubling (there are some growing international issues too).  It seems that a bunch of states are interested in regulating VoIP providers in various ways (sound familiar?).

Foneshow – It was great meeting with Erik Schwartz (CEO/Founder) of Foneshow.  They are doing some great stuff in wireless.  Basically, you can download (like a RSS feed) topics of interest (sports, news etc) to your mobile phone.  There are other ways this product can be utilized (campaigns, public safety alerts, advocacy) too.  Check them out…

Video on the Net – There are some exciting things going on in this space.  Specifically, I enjoyed hearing Ustream’s founder talk about the “live” opportunity on the web.  Live videoblogging / tv shows (Jonny’s Par-tay) / or even an episodic initiative like “35″ have potential.  On that note, I’m hoping to do some live videoblogging here at mobilediner.com in the future.