The snow is falling and if you participate in the District of Communications, you are probably at the FCBA’s Chairman’s Dinner. I decided not to attend this year.

With regard to the dinner, I will definitely miss seeing and catching up with everyone in the telecom business. However, I will not miss Chairman Martin’s attempt at comedy this evening. Perhaps, everyone will attend late and inconvenience him as he does the hard working folks at the FCC at recent open meetings.

Here’s some additional rants from the kitchen -

Verizon & Openess – A bunch of folks are making a big deal out of Verizon’s announcement. This was not a shocker because this is part of the evolution of the industry. at&t and T-mobile have been showing signs of it with dual mode phones as well as T-mobile and Sprint supporting Android (Google’s Linux-based open handset platform). I expect at&t to join the cause too…

Sprint’s woes – Verizon’s move really hurts Sprint. As many know, Sprint has been bleeding valuable subs for many months. Verizon’s move will make it that much easier to leave.

Sprint’s got other problems too. Their 800 MHz reband effort has been a disaster. That initiative has proved to be more costly then originally estimated and is taking alot longer to execute. The company also has no CEO and they recently canned their WiMax partnership with Clearwire… With forty percent of their current subs predisposed to leave — the future is not bright.

New Venture – The name of my new business (drum roll please) — Tin Can Communications ™. It is a very exciting time and I really appreciate all of the support from the mobile dining community.

On related note, I plan on having a launch party after the holidays and all readers of the blog are invited!

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