The 700 MHz auction is slowing down and Congress is having more DTV hearings. I’ve got some other thoughts cooking… Enjoy!

Evolve or Die -

The WSJ had an opinion column discussing the dramatic shift occurring in traditional advertising. As we’ve discussed in the diner, this is the new politic too.

Building Community -

In one of my social networks yesterday, a few folks were discussing what they should do with some old cellphones. Specifically, they were interested in getting the phones to some shelters for women of abuse. Accordingly, I pointed the person to CTIA’s Wireless Foundation and a great program they lead – Call to Protect.

Potomac Primary -

We don’t get political in the diner. Why? Because politics often get in the way of getting things done. In the wireless industry, we are fortunate that most issues do not get political. However, it is hard not to comment on the excitement of today’s Potomac Primary.

Briefly, one candidate shops fear and one candidate projects hope (it’ll be that way in the General too). I’ll bet on hope and opportunity…