A bunch of my wireless and tech friends are out at CES in Las Vegas this week.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t make the trip this year.  However, as many companies go “all in” at CES to show off their new gadgets — the Technology CEO Council has doubled down on their efforts to influence policymakers in DC.

The Technology CEO Council was founded in 1989 and is a CEO policy advocacy coalition that is focused on ensuring U.S. competitiveness through technology leadership.  With the Obama Administration promising to make broadband deployment a key piece of their larger tech agenda, the Council has announced the addition of Jonathan Hoganson as Deputy Executive Director.  He joins Bruce Mehlman who is the Executive Director.

Prior to joining the Council, Jonathan was on Capitol Hill where he spent 5 years serving former Congressman Rahm Emanuel.  In that capacity, he served as his Legislative Director and Policy Director of the House Democratic Caucus.  Most recently, he served at the Information Technology Industry Council, where he was Director of Government Relations.

Jonathan and Bruce are a dynamic duo.  They both know how the machine works and they know how to get things done in DC.  Accordingly, we wish Jonathan all the best in his new position.

Additional note – In addition to the Tech CEO Council, Jonathan and Bruce will continue in their roles at Mehlman Vogel Castagnetti.