Second Course by Guest Chef Tamara Gruber…

Getting Mobile Right

Whether your campaign objectives are direct response or branding, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind when testing the mobile waters.

1.  Think Beyond The Click

Here’s the scenario, I’m browsing the mobile web and I see an ad for a brand I’m interested in, so I click the banner.  This brings me to a landing page with some brief copy about how wonderful the product is.  Done.  Seriously?  That’s it?  Tell me where to buy, tell me more, show me pictures, let me sign up for coupons or alerts on availability, engage me with a video and sign up for the next installment in this funny series, make it really cool and I’ll send it to a friend.  Maybe even paste it on my Facebook page so all my friends can check it out.

2.  Offer Mobile Content

Give me contact snacks that are relevant to me when I’m on the go and make it easy for me to share with my friends.  Get your spokesperson to record a ringtone or voice-mail message.  Give me a useful tool that is relevant to your product but helps me when I’m mobile like finding the cheapest gas, get a tip calculator, calorie counter, etc.

3.  Don’t Make It A Secret

Have a mobile presence or campaign?  Awesome, tell me about it.  Redirect traffic from mobile devices to a site optimized for mobile consumption with relevant content.  Make sure I know about it when I visit your website.  Let me sign up for coupons via SMS so I don’t have to remember to print something and bring it to the store.  Send me an alert when you have a special offer or something new.  Include your short code in your advertising (and keep it up long enough for me to write it down…remember the early days of the web before search was what it was today?).  Provide a mobile response channel for ALL your out-of-home advertising.

What are YOUR favorite mobile marketing campaigns?

What brands would YOU like to see on your mobile?

Please share your hits and misses!

About the Author – Tamara Gruber is Vice President of Marketing at Crisp Wireless.  She can be reached via email and you can follow her on twitter.