I’m chewing on a number of thoughts this morning and I thought I should share them…

Blogs have influence — I subscribe to an email based clipping service pertaining to the wireless industry.  I’ve noticed this before but it is becoming more and more the norm – the highlighted clips are from tech bloggers.  I know many folks in the diner are not shocked by this news.  However, there are still tons of people in the District of Communications that haven’t figured it out.  Not only are many journalists getting their stories from bloggers but the impact some of these stories have had on public policy decisions are significant.

EVOLVE — According to GigaOm, a much tweeted quote from author Clay Shirky’s speech at SXSW was: “Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution.”  What a fantastic quote!  I can think of so many examples but this may whet my appetite for a future post in the diner.

Location, Location, Location — The battle of the “check-ins” is quite fierce and the NY Times did a nice little story this morning.  Although sharing my location information is not my thing, there is huge potential in this space.  Small businesses really have a nice opportunity to connect at a more intimate level with consumers and consumers can reap the benefits of being “a regular.”  I look forward to seeing more marketing efforts around location based social networking.