The Department of Justice has filed a complaint in Federal Court to block AT&T’s $39 Billion bid for T-Mobile.

Up until this point, AT&T has made a strong case in DC securing major support from Members of Congress as well as in the States. There has also not been a lot of noise in public opposition to the deal, and I give AT&T credit for being proactive in this area. However, politics is one thing, and facts are another. When you look at this merger nationally, the facts are hard to spin for AT&T.

I have only been watching this merger from the fringe. I don’t represent any of the parties waging war against each other. However, having been involved in wireless mergers, I’m not surprised by the DOJ making the filing.

In the event of AT&T dropping its bid (and that is the big question), some of the talking heads speculate that Sprint would make a run for T-Mobile. I don’t think that is realistic. The companies utilize two different technologies and Sprint has already gone down that path (with the result being indigestion – Nextel).

In any case, I look forward to watching this play out from the bleachers.

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Press Release and Full Complaint here